PS Plus / Games With Gold February Lineups

As January comes to a close both Sony and Microsoft have revealed the “free” game offerings for their respective platforms…

First up let’s take a look at the games coming to the PlayStation platforms. On the PS4 gamers will be able to download Helldivers, a critically acclaimed top-down shooter with a strong emphasis on teamwork, and Nom Nom Galaxy, which also has a strong focus on co-operative play but this time it is to save the soup industry! The Ps3 offerings includes Grid Autosport, which is a really good racing title, and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. Finally, handheld gamers will be able to get their hands on Nova-111 and Lemmings Touch for their Vita. A reasonable offering this month, I’m especially excited to give Helldivers a try.

Over to Microsoft, and Xbox One players will be able to download Hand Of Fate for the entire month of February, while Styx: Master of Shadows will be available from February 16th. Moving onto the Xbox 360 titles, which are also available on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility, Sacred Citadel will be available from February 1st-15th and Gears Of War 2 will be available from the 16th until to end of the month. Not the strongest lineup on Xbox this month, although Gears 2 is a good addition if gamers didn’t previously get a free copy last year from Gears Of War Ultimate Edition.

Next up and Mafia III may still be waiting for an official release date, but that hasn’t stopped 2K from releasing some gorgeous still images from the upcoming title. The images, which can be seen below are only concept images so they may differ from the final release, but it does showcase the various environments that we can expect to experience in the 1960s sandbox adventure. I really hope that the previous rumour of an April release is true, I’m very excited to play this game!

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We talked just the other day about the future of Destiny, and it has now been revealed that there are some big changes going on at Bungie. Harold Ryan, the longtime serving CEO, is stepping down from his position in the company and is being replaced by Pete Parsons. The announcement, which was made in a post on the developer’s website, gave the following statement:

“As CEO, Parsons will be tasked with leading the talented Bungie team as they continue to develop great Destiny experiences.”

Parsons has made it clear that his intention to make sure Bungie continue to “deliver great games” for its fans and also believes that the studio’s “best work” is still to come. The details surrounding this change are currently unknown, and it is not clear is Ryan still remains with the company. It will be interesting to see what change, if any, this brings to the future or Destiny, or any other game Bungie decides to make.

The final news item of the day is the announcement that Disney‘s latest Tron game will also be coming to PS4 and Xbox One. Previously announced for PC at The Game Awards, Tron Run/r is an action-adventure runner that features more than 30 levels for your custom avatar to run through. It will be available on February 16th, the same day it leaves Steam’s early Access program. While the teaser trailer is very brief, you can definitely see the distinctive art style inspired by Tron. It appears that the Steam community is enjoying the title so far so it maybe worth keeping an eye on this title.

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