New Ghostbusters Game In The Works?

We are already getting a new Ghostbusters film this year, could a new game also be on the way?

According to Retail Merchandiser a new “fully-fledged” Ghostbusters game will be released this summer alongside Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters movie. The report goes on to suggest that the game will be available on both PS4 and Xbox One, although there has been no official word from Activision, the publisher who own the rights to Ghostbusters video games. The last title we saw was back in 2009 which, at the time, Dank Akroyd said was “essentially the third movie.” It will be interesting to see what exactly this game will be and who will develop it. If you can get your hands on the previous I recommend you do, it was a great game.

Gears Of War creator Cliff Bleszinski is currently busy at work on his next game, LawBreakers, and he is keen to help differentiate it from other upcoming first person shooters. In a recent interview with PC Gamer at PAX South, Bleszinski firstly emphasised how its actions will differ:

“The gravity manipulation, the jet packs, the grappling hooks, the double-jumps, the crazy movement. We have all that crazy movement without it being cheesy parkour.”

Bleszinski then also went on to explain that he also wants it to be the mature “R-Rated” experience:

“The other thing is our art style and our universe. Our universe, I’m hoping, you get a young kid, he’s like 11, and he loves playing Overwatch and that’s cool, And then you get the older brother who’s 14 and he’s like, “You should see [LawBreakers]. There’s blood in it, and people explode, and they curse! I want to be the rated-R version for all these PG-rated shooters.”

LawBreakers will be a free-to-play shooter that comes to PC later this year, with a possible console release to follow. I like everything that Bleszinski is saying right now and the gameplay trailer looks cool. It will be interesting to see which shooter comes out on top this year.

A recent survey from the Game Developers Conference has revealed what platforms are the most popular with developers when it comes to creating their games. A survey of more than 2,000 developers revealed that PC still remains the most popular, with 52% saying that they are working on a PC title. Next up was the mobile platform, with 44% of developers confirming they are working on a smartphone/tablet game — this is down from 50% last year. Then we have the consoles, with the PS4 and Xbox One getting 27% and 23% respectively. The Wii U falls way behind with only 5% of developers, and 2% for 3DS. This helps show how far behind Nintendo is when it comes to the number of games available on their platform. It will be interesting to see how much this figure change next year, with the anticipated release of the NX.

I haven’t talked about Forza Motorsport 6 for a while, so let’s have a look at the latest rumours surrounding Turn 10‘s latest racing simulator. According to AllGamesBeta, a leaked posting on Amazon has revealed that a Porsche expansion pack could be on the way. Costing $20, the expansion would feature 20 models from the famous German manufacturer. In addition to the various cars, Virginia International Raceway will also make its debut in the game. For a long time Porsche has been standout omission from Forza titles — it ended last year with Forza Horizon 2 — so it is great to see it coming to an end.

The final item of the day is more a PSA. Loot Crate — the monthly subscribtion box for geek and nerd culture gear — has announced that a gamer specific crate will soon be available. Titled Loot Gaming, the crate will be geared to bring its susbscribers video game merchandise. It will be available this Spring and will cost $25 per month. I for one am very excited for this, Loot Crate is a fun crate to receive each month and this will definitely be a service I’ll switch too now.

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