Kill Or Be Killed In Battle Royale-Like Game

Battle Royale is the ultimate last man standing battle and today developer Xaviant has announced a new video game in the same vein.

Titled The Culling, this first person multiplayer game makes it’s 16 competitors fight to the death until just one player is left standing victorious. As you can see from the announcement trailer, The Culling takes place on a tropical island, but the island is far from paradise. The way you eliminate your opposition is up to you, with a variety of weapons and traps available. These range from chainsaws to explosives, and players can also craft more inventive weapons. I may not be a big multiplayer fan but I do like the concept here. The Culling will be available on March 8th via Steam’s Early Access program.

Another game on the horizon, this time for both PC and Xbox One, is single-player survival, The Solus Project. Developers Teotl Studios and Grip Games have revealed that the game will be coming to Steam Early Access on February 18th, before following on Xbox One’s Preview Program on February 26th. In The Solus Project you are the sole survivor who has crash landed on a foreign planet and must battle the elements to survive. This is another title that does appear intriguing, especially with the dynamic weather and weapon crating systems.

In their latest earning reports, Take-Two Interactive has revealed the latest sales figures for the smash hit GTA V. Rockstar‘s latest adventure has now sold a total of 60 million units, an additional 6 million units to their last figures six months ago. Since its release in 2013, GTA V has placed inside the top 5 best selling games for 2013, 2014, and 2015. It is now one of the best-selling games of all time trailing only Minecraft, Wii Sports (although this was bundled with a console) and Tetris. I still maintain that we will see some DLC content this year, which will only generate more revenue for Take-Two!

Hitman may now only be getting an episodic release but, with the first episode only a month away, Square Enix has released a new trailer. Titled “World of Assassination,” the trailer asks players to look at what is going on within the shadows and the butterfly effect that those actions cause. I have to admit I do like the style of this trailer, it is very clever to advertise a game without actually showing any gameplay or even cinematic cut scenes. I still wont be purchasing the first episode when it launches on March 11th out of protest to the way the game is being released. I still hope that it ends up being a good game, the Hitman franchise was one of my favourites growing up.

The final item today, and following the top 10 Wii U games yesterday, we now have figures for the best selling Amiibos of the year. Since their inital launch at the end of 2014, these plastic figures have become a huge success for Nintendo with sales now estimated to exceed 20 million — that is almost two Amiibos for EVERY Wii U owner. Not surprisingly, the greatest success is in North America where more than 50% of Amiibos have been sold, but Europe does come in second at around 22%. As you can see from the image below, the most successful Amiibo in Europe was the Classic Colour Mario. I must admit, even though I don’t own a Wii U, I do consider purchasing Amiibos from time to time simply because I like the figures. I’m happy to see Nintendo finally found a winner, following Wii U’s failings.


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