Amazon Announces Its Own Game Engine

Online superpower Amazon appears to be continuing their push into the video game industry with the announcement of a brand new game engine!

Called Amazon Lumberyard, the 3D game engine is cross platform and is capable of delivering the “highest quality games,” featuring “beautiful worlds, realistic characters, and stunning real-time effects.” The engine, which is available in beta today, includes a “full-featured editor” in addition to “hundreds” of other elements including: cloth physics, character and animation editors, audio tools, weather effects, and vehicle systems. This is a big next step for Amazon, following their purchase of Twitch in 2014 and the forming of Amazon Game Studios in 2012. It will be interesting to see how Lumberyard develops over the years, and if it will ever compete with the likes of Unreal.

The Division: a game that I now seem to talk about on almost a daily occurrence! The latest new regarding Ubisoft‘s upcoming cover shooter is that an open beta is coming next week. The latest beta will arrive on Xbox One on February 18th, before coming to PS4 and PC a day later. The beta will come to a close on February 21st. If, like me, you already played the closed beta then fear not as an “all-new story mission” will be coming to the open beta. This is the perfect opportunity for everyone to get a feel for The Division, and whether or not it is something you can see yourself getting lost in. You can find out what we thought of the closed beta by reading Dan’s impression, or by watching the below Let’s Play.

Another big Ubisoft title that is less than a month away is Far Cry: Primal and we have a new trailer to enjoy. Titled “Survival 101” the video helps us gain a better understanding about the game’s weapons, animals, abilities, and enemy tribes. In addition to the video, narrative director Jean-Sebastien Decant gave an interview to GameSpot in which he reveals that the crafting system will be “richer and deeper than any other Far Cry so far.” Decant also confirmed that players will travel around by riding “mammoths, bears, and the fastest of all: the sabretooth tiger.” It is definitely a risk abandoning the traditional modern day era, but I’m really excited to see how Primal turns out.

So who hear remembers the awesome split-screen first person shooter Screencheat? If you do then you will remember that it was a PC only title…until now! Samurai Punk has announced that Screencheat will be coming to both PS4 and Xbox One on March 1st. This multiplayer shooter actively encourages you to watch your opponents screens as each player is invisible, meaning that “screencheating” is the only way you will know where other players are. The game’s aesthetic does lend a hand in helping you locate the other players, with each area of the map being a distinctive colour. I really liked the concept of this game when it came to PC so I’m very happy that its now coming to consoles. We don’t get many local co-op games nowadays and Screencheat definitely looks a lot of fun!

The final item of the day is also a console release, and this time its the Xbox One version of Rocket LeaguePsyonix has announced that their popular vehicle football title will arrive on Microsoft‘s console next Wednesday, February 17th. The game will come with exclusive cars themed after both the Halo and Gears Of War franchise, in addition to exclusive Sunset Overdrive-themed items. It has been a long time coming for Xbox owners, with Rocket League originally launching on PS4 back in July last year. Least it now means that even more people will have access to the fantastic game.

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