A New Dead Island Game Coming?

Despite the ongoing problems with Dead Island 2, it appears that another game maybe on the horizon…

According to a rating on the Australian Government website, a game called Dead Island Retro Revenge was classified on February 11th. The listing references both “bloody violence” and “online interactivity.” The game is allegedly being developed by Empty Clip Studios, the studio know for music rhythm shoot-em-up game Symphony. Unless this is a mobile game, it seems strange that Deep Silver would consider a new Dead Island game while Dead Island 2 is, as far as we know, still in development. Another alternative, could this be the new name for the zombie infested adventure? With Dying Light continuing to be a success, Dead Island has a lot of ground to make up.

World War II shooters were a prominent part of the video game market when I was growing up. With the likes of Call Of Duty, Medal Of Honor, Battlefield and more all being set in WWII, it seems strange to now say that we actually have an absence of these shooters. Well fear no more as independent studio Bulkhead has far exceeded their kick-starter funding goal for Battalion 1944. The WWII shooter will be coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC and is being developed using the “most advanced industry technology” with an aim to capture the “core of classic multiplayer shooters.” As you can see from the reveal trailer below, the developers were inspired by the games I mentioned earlier and are keen to bring these historical shooters back. I am ready to revisit the 40s for another shooter, we have another modern/future shooters nowadays.

E3 2016 is already being to take shape, despite it being more than four months away. We already have seen Bethesda announce their plan to hold a press conference, and EA reveal that they won’t be at E3, we now have details for PC gamers. Website PC Gamer has announced that they will be holding a PC Gaming Show on Monday June 13th, and will aim to be “even better” than last year with a “more focused” show with “tons of new announcements and exclusive reveals.” It is good to see that the PC gaming community is getting more coverage at, what has previously been, a console-centric event. Video games are always a good thing, no matter what platform they are on.

Konami‘s Silent Hills is just one of the many mis-steps that the company has made over the past twelve months. It has now been revealed that ex-Konami employee Hideo Kojima wanted to work on a Silent Hills game with another developer. Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski was approached by Kojima to work on a Silent Hills project but apparently Bleszinski, who is currently working on Lawbreakers, declined. Despite being flattered by the offer, Bleszinski feared that he “woulda fucked up Silent Hill.” It would have been interesting to see these two juggernaut personalities work on a project together. Alas it was not to be, and now it appears that a new Silent Hills may never happen… thanks Konami!

The final item of today is a quick PSA: dinosaur survival game Ark: Survival Evolved has a new update. The game, which is still in preview program on Xbox One, now features split-screen both offline or online on non-dedicated servers. While this may be the headline feature for the Xbox One version, the update also include two new dinosaurs — the Gallimimus and Dimetrodon for high speed travel and shelter respectively — and new items that include an electric prod weapon, SWAT-style armour, and beer barrels. The final version of the game is due to release this summer, but in the meantime gamers can continue to experience the game on Xbox One or Steam, via Early Access.

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