Is The Digital Age Finally Taking Over?

Up until the previous generation, the idea of purchasing your games in anything other than a physical format would have seemed ludicrous but now is the momentum shifting?

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Bethesda‘s Todd Howard had been talking about the success of Fallout 4 and, more specifically, its sales on day one:

“One of the things that is amazing: Fallout 4 sold more day one digitally than at retail. That’s a big change.”

While Howard didn’t reveal the exact figures involved, he is right to say that this is a big change! I have always been aware that digital purchases were becoming increasingly popular, but up until today I believed them to still be in the minority. These latest details appear to suggest that the buying habits of gamers may be changing! I for one would happily buy digital, but only when PSN & Xbox Live recognise Guernsey and allow me pay VAT free. Why would I spend £50-55 on a digital game when I can pick up a physical version for £40?! Until that time comes I will continue to add to my physical collection.

The Division‘s open beta has been and gone this weekend, and Ubisoft has now announced that more than 6.4 million players participated in the 3-4 day event! This figure represents the “biggest ever for a new game brand on current generation platforms.” If you want to gauge just how successful The Division‘s beta was, Destiny‘s beta back in the summer of 2014 “only” attracted 4.6 million players… With the game’s launch now only a couple weeks away — on March 8th — it seems highly likely that The Division could become one of the biggest new IP launches ever. I’m excited to play The Division next month, and I hope it delivers on its promise.

You may or may not remember, but in September last year we talked about the prospect of a Bioshock collection coming to PS4 & Xbox One. Granted that story indicated that the game was coming in November, which obviously didn’t occur, but the latest reports seem to strengthen the likelihood of a collection. A listing on the Brazilian Advisory Rating Board shows that a 2K game called Bioshock: The Collection will be arriving in 2016. While there has still been no official word from 2K, rating board listing are, more often than not, a pretty good indicator. I for one would be very excited to play this series again: the original Bioshock is one of the best FPS games of all time!

When talking about the greatest FPS games, you have to include Doom in the conversation! iD Software‘s reboot in the series is due to release this May, and it appears increasingly likely that there will be a pre-order bonus for Xbox One gamers. According to a user on Reddit, it was discovered that those who digitally pre-order the game on Microsoft‘s console would also get codes for backwards-compatible versions of Doom and Doom II. The fact that both Doom and Doom II are both available in the backwards compatibility program, and are available to buy — for £4 each — on the Xbox Live store also helps indicate that this story is true. This wouldn’t be the first time that Bethesda has given away a free code to Xbox One owners: a Fallout 3 code came with a digital pre-order of Fallout 4.

The final item today comes from developer Stainless Games who has today announced that Carmageddon: Max Damage will be racing onto PS4 and Xbox One later this year. Carmageddon: Max Damage is not your typical racer: as the name suggests, it has a blend of over-the-top vehicular violence and humour, with more than 90 crazy power-ups, 30 different killing machines and 10 environments to explore . The game has the fitting tagline line: “It’s the racing game where racing is for wimps.” This looks like a lot of fun to play with some friends as a party game. Who doesn’t love a bit of destruction derby!

Until tomorrow,