New Pokemon Games Announced

As part of this weekend’s celebrations for Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, Nintendo has announced the next Pokemon game(s), coming to 3DS this year!

Titled Pokemon Sun and Moon, these handheld games will be available this winter. No details regarding the gameplay was shared, but we did learn that the games will feature a functionality Pokemon Bank, which will allow players to wirelessly transfer Pokemon from all previous games including: Red, Blue, Yellow, X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire. It seems that The Pokemon Company is ready to celebrate their anniversary year in style, and I may have to consider playing this game when it arrives!

Staying with Nintendo, and it appears that more rumours are circulating the internet regarding the upcoming NX console. The latest rumours come from a NeoGAF user called Trevelyan9999 who has said that they have a “verified source” at Nintendo who has confirmed that the NX console will indeed launch this year, alongside the new Legend Of Zelda game! Now I understand some people’s cynicism – it is very easy for someone to make up a rumour and put it on the internet – but this same user did report that a “Pokemon 20th Anniversary” game, codenamed “Niji,” would be coming. Gematsu has discovered that the logo images for the recently announce Pokemon Sun and Moon had the filenames “Niji_A_logo” and “Niji_B_logo.” Does this mean Trevelyan9999 is right about the NX? No. But it does give some merit to his comments, and it is widely expected that the NX does arrive this year. Launching with a Zelda game is smart, I personally still think it would also need a Metroid or Mario as well though. Nintendo has to make the NX a “must-buy.”

If you want to talk about a company that knows how to shift consoles in today’s market, then look no further than Sony. According to the latest report from DFC Intelligence – a company that specialises in market research and statistics for the video game industry — the PS4 is going to reach the 100 million units sold mark before the end of its lifecycle. This isn’t the first time we have talked about the huge success of Sony’s console, and this landmark definitely seems attainable given that 36 million units have already been sold in just 26 months on the market. If it reaches this feat it would be only the fourth home console (six if include handhelds) to reach the landmark. At the end of the day, I’m just happy that console gaming is in a very healthy position and, as a gamer, long may it continue.

The Division is now only eight days away from release and gamers all around the world are itching to get their hands on Ubisoft’s online shooter. One thing that is always a hot topic in games today is micro-transactions, and community manager Natachai Stappers has confirmed, via Twitter, that The Division will not have any micro-transactions and “definitely no pay-to-win.” This will come as good news to gamers worried about how the Phoenix Credit System would work in the game, which Stappers said that further details will come later. It appears though that people will now have to earn their in-game currency, rather than just buy it. I understand that some people have limited gaming time but I personally feel a game is more enjoyable when you earn it authentically.

Dark Souls III is a little further away, arriving in April, but fans of the RPG series can enjoy some new Dark Souls-inspired “fun” today. Slashy Souls is a spin-off from the Dark Souls series and is available now on mobile devices. While it may not bear any direct connection to Dark Souls, this endless runner does focus on challenging gameplay with weapons, spells and bosses that may feel familiar to fans. The game is free so there is no reason to not at least check it out, I know what I am going to do now!

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