Mass Effect Andromeda Delayed To 2017

Yesterday we heard the news that Uncharted 4 was being delayed, today it is Mass Effect: Andromeda getting delayed!

Yes, EA‘s CFO Blake Jorgensen has revealed that Bioware‘s latest RPG will now be arriving in early 2017. The announcement was made in an interview at a business summit, where Jorgensen also shared information that both the next Battlefield and Titanfall games will be releasing in their third fiscal quarter (Sep-Dec). This is a follow-up from their previous earning reports, where I thought Titanfall 2 would be the game in Q1 2017. I know a lot of people will be disappointed to hear that the wait for Andromeda just got a little longer, but you can at least take comfort from the fact that there will be plenty of games to play at the backend of 2016! It does seem short-sighted to launch two FPSs in the same quarter though, so watch for that to change in the future!

It wasn’t just new releases that Jorgensen has been speaking about this week: apparently micro-transactions are quite successful, who knew! According to Jorgensen, the Ultimate Team modes found in their FIFA, Madden, and NHL franchises generate around $650 million a year in revenue for the publisher. Apparently, this figure represents half of sales generated by digital content across all its games. I always knew that Ultimate Team was a popular game mode, but to generate that much additional revenue is crazy! I think we can safely assume that micro-transactions will continue to be part of EA’s plans, and you can understand why!

The next Forza game has been announced, kinda… Fresh from yesterday’s news that Forza Motorsport 6: Apex will be coming to PC,  Microsoft has now revealed that Lamborghini Centenario will be the cover star for the “next Forza game.” In a post on Xbox Wire, Microsoft said the following:

“We’re not quite ready to unveil the title or any big details on the next Forza game yet–you’ll have to wait for our Xbox media briefing at June 2016’s E3 for that.”

It doesn’t come as a huge surprise given the recent annual trend, which has been alternating between the Motorsport and Horizon series. I really hope that it will be a new Horizon game: Forza Horizon 2 is one of the very best racing games I’ve ever played, and I’ve played a lot! We do also know that the game will feature the “largest and most diverse car list of any video game franchise this generation.” Okay Microsoft you’ve got my attention, do we really have to wait until June?!

So on this week’s GOTW Show, Ash and I briefly discussed what we are enjoying in Far Cry: Primal. Yes it is more Far Cry, but is that really a bad thing? Now, according to a report by Gamepressure, it appears that Primal maybe even more like Far Cry 4 than we originally though. As you can see from the image below, the map appears to follow the same topography as Ubisoft‘s 2014 entry. The internet seems to be angry about this, but I don’t quite understand why. So what if they have used the same area as a template, the actual environment is different and at no point have I thought to myself ‘this feels like Kyrat.’ Oh and the most important thing: it’s still a fun game, so who cares.

Let’s end on a happier note: this is one of the best YouTube videos you will see. YouTuber Hat-Loving Gamer has created a video which shows us what GTA would look like if it was designed in a style of Pokemon. Various characters from across the GTA universe make an appearance, including: 8 Ball, Clause, Tommy, CJ, Niko, Roman, and Trevor. We see Pokemon-style battles and even rendering the services of a prostitute. It really is great, so make sure you check out the video below:

That’s all for today.