No Man’s Sky Has A Release Date

We finally have a release date for Hello Games‘ space exploration adventure, No Man’s Sky!

Yes, studio head Sean Murray has confirmed that their ambitious space title will be coming to PS4 and PC on June 24th. This wasn’t the only announcement that was made regarding No Man’s Sky, it was confirmed that the game would be getting a retail release and will be £50 for the standard edition. PS4 gamers will also have to option to pick up the Limited Edition for £70, which comes with a steelbook, a No Man’s Sky comic, an artbook, a dynamic PS4 theme, and bonus DLC. PC gamers can get the Explorer Edition for £120, which comes from the guys over at iam8bit, and has a Hand-painted Cast Metal Ship Replica as its centerpiece. I am very excited to get my hands on this game, even if I’m still reserved about its gameplay loop.

While we still wait to hear news on Dead Island 2, Deep Silver has announced that Dead Island: Definitive Edition will be coming to PS4 & Xbox One on May 24th. As with any definitive edition, the publisher has promised higher quality textures, improved game models, and  a “photorealistic” lighting system. In addition to both Dead Island, and Riptide — the stand alone expansion pack that was released — the Definitive Edition will include Retro Revenge: a melee-based combat game with power-ups, super attacks, and a “retro look.” This is definitely a way for Deep Silver to generate some extra cash to help soften the blow of the ongoing development issues with Dead Island 2.

Let’s have some Nintendo news to end the week. First up, and Nintendo of Japan has revealed possibly the best looking 3DS console to date! As you can see from the below image, the news 3DS XL sports a design aking to that of the SNES — or the Super Famicom as it was known in Japan. The system will go on sale in Japan next month for JPY 21,600 (£133). There is no word yet on whether or not Nintendo plans to release the handheld in any other territory. If they do decide to release it over here I feel like I would have to buy one: it just looks too cool!


More Nintendo news now, and Star Fox Zero finally has an official release date. The long awaited return to the Star Fox series will be coming to to Wii U on April 22th. Included with Star Fox Zero will be the standalone Star Fox mini-game, Project Guard: a tower defense game. This wasn’t the only Wii U news from Nintendo’s Direct, as it was confirmed that a new Paper Mario would be coming to the console sometime in 2016. It is good to hear that Nintendo is still releasing games for the troubled console, even with the NX expected to release later on this year.

As always, we end the week with the latest game releases. They are:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!