The Division Mission Details Revealed

Ubisoft‘s The Division officially launches tomorrow but it appears that details regarding the game’s missions have leaked.

Thank to user on Reddit, who goes by the name of itsgamerdoc, it has been revealed that there will be more or less 26 missions in total. Based on the assumption that each mission takes 20-30 minutes to complete — based on my closed beta experience — this will mean that the story will take 9-13 hours to complete. 12 hours seems about right for The Division, seeing as there will be endless amounts of multiplayer content including PvP and the Dark Zone area. In addition to the missions, it appears that 139 total weapons will be available in the game. I can’t wait to play The Division tomorrow and we will be sure to have a Let’s Play on the channel next week, once we have had time to become familiar with the game.

Looking a little further into the future, a release date for Overwatch has been confirmed. After leaking early, thanks to an advert on IGN, Blizzard has confirmed that their multiplayer shooter will be available from May 24th on PC, PS4 & Xbox One. In addition to the game’s release, it was confirmed that a beta will run from May 5-9, and if you pre-order before the end of April you will get access two days early. This is a game I’m definitely intrigued by, and still believe it will be a huge success! I look forward to the beta.

The kickstarter for World War II shooter Battalion 1944 ended this week, and it raised an impressive £317,281. The total raised was more than three times its initial target of £100,000, and developer Bulkhead believe they can make a game that will “challenge the biggest AAA shooters in the industry.” Executive producer Joe Brammer also revealed that some “very big publishers” have reached out to the developer, presumably to discuss a publishing deal. Brammer maintained that creative control would 100% remain with Bulkhead. I have said before that I am ready for another WWII shooter, and who knows, maybe Battalion 1944 will be that saviour!

It appears that more companies will be giving E3 a miss this year. We have already discussed EA‘s decision to hold their own event in lieu of attending E3, and now Activision and Disney have revealed that they will not have a booth at the game show. Activision did confirm that they would still be attending E3 in order show off Infinity Ward‘s “ambitious new game.” While Disney did not confirm ehy they wouldn’t have a booth, the fact that they are not launching a new Disney Infinity product this year may have something to do with it! I do wonder if this may be the beginning of the end for shows like E3…

The final item of the day revolves around the best-selling PlayStation Store games during the month of February. Perhaps a surprise winner as Campo Santo‘s Firewatch took top spot ahead of fellow new release, Far Cry: Primal. FIFA 16 and Need For Speed were third and fourth respectively, with Unravel — another new release — rounded out the top five. Big congratulations to Campto Santo for their success, Firewatch is a great game that everyone should experience.

That’s all for today. Have a good week.