Fable Legends Has Been Cancelled!

In one of the most surprising video game news stories this year, Microsoft has announced that Fable Legends has ceased development, and developer Lionhead Studios will be closing!

The news was revealed yesterday on Xbox wire, where Hanno Lemke — general manager of Microsoft Studios Europe — confirmed that it was a “difficult decision” that took “much consideration.” As developer of the Fable series — once regarding one of the best console RPGs — it is definitely a fall from grace for Lionhead. We know that Fable Legends has had its share of problems, but to cancel a game this far down the line is a massive blow to all involved. In addition to the closure of Lionhead, it was revealed that Press Play Studios — the Danish studio known for Max: The Curse Of Brotherhood — would also be closing its doors. It will be interesting to see what Microsoft does next with the Fable franchise, if anything, but I would be in favour of them rebooting it, albeit not for a few years now!

The Division is finally here and I hope you are all enjoying it so far: I know I will be spending my evening roaming the streets of terror-struck Manhattan. As for the game’s upcoming expansions, it appears that Microsoft has struck a deal with Ubisoft in order to receive the first two expansions — Underground and Survival — 30 days before they release on other platforms. To clarify, these are the paid-for expansions, the free updates coming in April and May will release simultaneously. The final premium expansion, Last Stand, will also launch simultaneously across all platforms this winter. People who don’t own an Xbox One may moan, but the reality is that this forms part of today’s industry standards. PS4 owners get Call Of Duty DLC early, as well as exclusive Destiny content.

Are you a fan of the sniper class in shooting games? If so then this segment is for you! Rebellion has confirmed that Sniper Elite 4 will be coming to PS4, Xbox One & PC later this year. The World War II shooter will pick up the “immediate aftermath” of events from 2014’s Sniper Elite 3. In Sniper Elite 4 you take on the role of “elite marksman” Karl Fairburne, who will fight as part of the Italian Resistance. I have never played a Sniper Elite game before, but I hear that they are pretty decent shooters. Is 2016 really going to be the return of the WWII shooter? Check out the teaser below:

We previously discussed that peripheral maker Mad Catz was have financial difficulties, and it doesn’t sound like it will be improving anytime soon. Harmonix has announced a new deal with Performance Designed Products (PDP) for Rock Band 4 hardware. In a statement, Harmonix CEO Steve Janiak said the following:

“As we look to fully achieve our goal of creating this console generation’s category-defining music gaming platform, we need to partner with a truly world-class manufacturer that can operate at the scale that Rock Band requires. PDP has a well-deserved reputation for innovation, customer satisfaction, and quality. They have the logistical and technical expertise to support Harmonix’s ambitious plans for the future of Rock Band, with new hardware alongside a major Rock Band 4 feature update coming this fall.”

So there you go, it appears that PDP has effectively replaced Mad Catz, and we may see some new instruments later this year. It will be interesting to see if this has any material effect on Rock Band 4, especially following their soft sales last year.

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