March 10

How To Play Sea Of Thieves Early

Sea Of Thieves is one of 2016’s most anticipated Xbox One games and now you can have the chance to be one of the first people to play it!

Microsoft and Rare have announced a “Play it First” competition where the winners will earn themselves a visit to Rare Studios to meet the team and get some hands-on time with the upcoming pirate adventure. Details on how to the win the all-expenses paid can be found on the official website and you can also check out the announcement video below. Rare has said that the six winners will be judged on: 33.00% – Creativity; 33.00% – Entertainment value; and 33.00% – Level of excitement for Sea of Thieves. I’m not sure what the final 1% will be, but if you are to be a worthy winner I guess that is for you to find out on your own! I think this is a smart PR move, there should be more competitions to win visits to a video game studio. As a gamer and a admirer of the industry, I love to learn more about the game development side. Good luck to all those that enter!

Talking of good PR, Microsoft may soon be rewarding Xbox Live members for the recent outages. For those that remember, we had some issues back in January and then another day long outage more recently. Naturally, people took to the internet, or more specifically Reddit, to vent their fury at Microsoft and wondered what they were going to do about it. Well it appear that Major Nelson himself has decided to listen to the “more thoughtful” comments on the thread and will be discuss the issue with the Xbox team. While no promises have been made, you would think Microsoft should offer something, no matter how small. Sony recently gave us an extra day to our PS Plus subscriptions, so something in a similar vain would be reasonable. I’m sure that no matter what we get, if anything, the internet will still be angry. When did everyone get so negative??

One more Microsoft related news story today and this one isn’t so happy: Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition has been delayed. The PC version of the colourful platformer was scheduled to release tomorrow but, in order to ensure PC gamers “get a great experience,” it has now been delayed until further notice. The saving grace for Xbox One owners is that the game will still launch tomorrow as planned for the console. Considering this announcement is so last minute, I would expect the delay to be short-lived. Hopefully it is, as many people as possible need to experience this fantastic game. I will probably look upgrade to the Definitive Edition as it comes with a “sizeable” new world to explore and a new ability (this only costs £4 if you already own the game).

The PlayStation VR event is now only five days away, but that doesn’t stop us from exploring the latest news about Sony‘s upcoming headset. Unfortunately, today is bad news for the kids: PlayStation VR is not suitable for children under the ages of 12. There is a long healthy and safety reason for this that I won’t bore you with, but in a nutshell kids using the device could encounter disorientation, discomfort, headaches, migraines, eye-strain or even nausea, and therefore they should avoid using it. As a 28 year old this doesn’t bother me at all, but I’m sure there are some kids out there that are upset right now. Just look at it as one more thing to look forward to when you grow up!

Let close today with some more Forza news! It was recently announced that Forza Motorsport 6: Apex would be coming to PC in the coming months, but unfortunately the game will not support cross-platfrom play with the Xbox One version of the racer. Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg explained on Twitter that cross-platform play will not exist because Apex is a “curated experience.” Greenberg did later say that it may be possible in the future, but wouldn’t confirm anything. While a little disappointing, it is not all that surprising seeing as the free-to-play PC version is not actually the same game as on the Xbox One.

One more day to go!