March 14

Final Fantasy 15 Release Date Leaked?

The latest entry in the Final Fantasy franchise is due to release sometime this year but a recent reveal may have given us an exact date!

Final Fantasy XV is set to have an official launch event on March 30th, but it appears that we may have just found out the release date a couple of weeks early. According to a report from Gematsu, the Square Enix RPG will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC On September 30th. Gematsu has stated that the information came from three different independent sources “who would have knowledge of the matter.” This sort of window would make sense for this game, as it will then get out ahead of the other big releases of the year, when they arrive in October and November. I don’t personally care for Final Fantasy, but I know lots of gamers do so we will be sure to update you after March 30th.

It was been just under a week since Ubisoft released The Division and it appears that the third person shooter has done quite well for itself. Not only was The Division the best selling game last week in the UK, but it broke an eleven record previously held by Gran Turismo 4 as the best selling game in the first three months of a calendar year. In addition to this, sales monitor Chart-Track confirmed that it is Ubisoft’s biggest ever Tom Clancy launch, and sits  only behind Assassin’s Creed III and Watch Dogs as the best Ubisoft launch of all time. It should be noted that these are physical sales, so therefore it doesn’t reflect any digital numbers. The Division is a real fun game that I have spend a lot of hours playing! Be sure to check out my Let’s Play tomorrow.

Talking of success, CD Projekt Red has confirmed that The Witcher III: Wild Hunt has now sold 10 million copies since its launch last May. This figure represents 50% of all units sold within The Witcher franchise. These figures only represent up to December 31st, and therefore you have to imagine that the multiple Game Of The Year awards the RPG has won will have helped increase sales. The Witcher 3 is a special game that everyone should enjoy. Don’t forget that the next expansion — called Blood and Wine — will be arriving next quarter and promises to bring another 10+ hours to the game. I would love to get back into the game one day: will I ever find the time…


Talking of DLC it appears that details of the next Star Wars: Battlefront DLC pack have been revealed. According to online retailer GameStop, The Outer Rim will be arriving on April 5th and will cost gamers £12. Those who have already purchased the Season Pass will get The Outer Rim as part of its offering. Included in the expansion is four new maps, two new characters, and a new game mode to go along with new weapons and cards. There is no official word on the release, but it would seem reasonable based on the previously announced March window. I never got into Battlefront but I hear mainly positive things. Remember, if you wanted to test the waters first there is a 10 hour trial thanks to EA Access on Xbox One.

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