March 17

The Witcher 3 Wins Another Award

2015 was a great year for CD Projekt Red and now they have another award to add to their trophy cabinet.

At last night’s Annual GDC Awards last night, The Witcher 3 took home the top accolade of ‘Game of the Year’ beating out the likes of Fallout 4, Metal Gear Solid V, Bloodborne, and Her Story. This wasn’t the only award the successful RPG took home, as it also won the ‘Technology Award.’ However, the big winner of the night was Her Story, taking home no less than three awards. A Full list can be found on the official website. The Witcher 3 may have had nearly earned a clean sweep of all ‘Game of the Year’ awards this year (including our own) and it is definitely worthy of all these acclaims. If you haven’t played it yet, I recommend you try and find time. With the Blood & Wine expansion also coming this year, the game continues to be supported with even more content (not that it needs it!).

Talking of awards, another top award was bestowed onto a cast member of a beloved RPG title. No this time it is not The Witcher 3, but rather Fallout 4 and River: the real-world dog who portrayed Dogmeat. At the recent World Dog Awards (I can’t believe I didn’t know this was a real award show until now) River won the ‘Top Video Game Dog’ for 2015. I’m not exactly sure what the competition was in this category, but would imagine that Metal Gear’s D-Dog ran Dogmeat pretty close. The German Shepard is actually owned Bethesda’s lead level designer Joel Burgess, and they posted a picture of River with her trophy on Twitter, which you can see below. Congratulations River!

With yesterday’s details regarding PlayStation VR, it seems only right that we look at some of the competition. The Oculus Rift headset launches later on this month, and the game launch lineup has been revealed. There will be 30 titles available at launch, including space exploration title Adr1ft. The full list can be seen in the trailer below. Oculus had confirmed that thousands of developers are working on oculus rift titles, and more than 100 titles will be available before the end of the year.

One game that may come to Oculus Rift is Trackmania Turbo (the game has been confirmed as a PlayStation VR title). If you are excited to play Ubisoft’s arcade racer then you are in luck as an open beta is taking place this weekend on PS4 and Xbox One. The beta will commence on Friday March 18th, and will run until Sunday March 20th. I’m very excited to play this game, so an opportunity to play the game ahead of its release it definitely one I’m going to take up.

The final news item today give us an update on Capybara Games’ upcoming game, Below. The rogue-like dungeon crawler from the developers of Super Time Force will finally be arriving this summer in Xbox One and PC. Below has encountered numerous delays, initially due to release in 2014, but I’m happy to see the release is finally in sight. If you are excited for the game too then you can revel in the latest trailer, which is below:

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