WB Controversy & NES Returns! – GOTW Show

On this week’s GOTW Show we look at the marketing controversy sounding Warner Bros.!

Microsoft shares their plans for Gamescom and may have accidently revealed the release window to Sea Of Thieves.

There are two updates for Batman fans: one regarding the Return To Arkham collection and the other for Telltales upcoming series.

The best news of the week is, without a doubt, the return of the Nintendo Entertainment System!

As always, we close the show with the latest game releases. They are:

  • Ghostbusters (PS4, Xbox One)Adr1ft (PS4)
  • Adr1ft (PS4)Kill Strain (PS4)
  • Kill Strain (PS4)
  • Anarcute¬†(Xbox One, PC)
  • Assault Suit Lynos (PS4)
  • Kerbal Space Program (Xbox One)
  • KYUB (Xbox One)
  • MilitAnt (PS4)
  • Pharaonic (Xbox One)
  • The Solus Project (Xbox One)
  • Super Mutant Alien Assualt (PS4, Xbox One)
  • Type: Rider (PS4, Vita)
  • Videoball (PS4, Xbox One)

Check out the show below:

I hope you enjoy!