About Us

The Gamer Initiative is a video game website dedicated to bringing opinion-based content on the video game industry.

The Game Initiative was founded in June 2014 by Matt Southwell and was originally just a weekly YouTube show about video games with his two friends — Ashley Dye and Dan Guilbert. The original “Game Of The Week Show” still remains the flagship show today but, following its one year anniversary, The Gamer Initiative became something more.

On a daily basis we bring you Level Up, where we provide the latest video game news and share our thoughts on it. In addition, there is Party Chat (our 15 minute topical game show), Let’s Plays, and other ad-hoc content for your viewing/reading pleasure.

Our full schedule is as follows:

  • Monday – Friday:  Daily News Updates
  • Monday: The Game Of The Week Show
  • Tuesday: Let’s Play (new releases)
  • Wednesday: Party Chat
  • Friday: Let’s Play (FIFA series)

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